Empowering Heart Transformation

Our passion is to see a renovation and renewal in how we operate in relationships: how we see God, ourselves and those around us. We are fervently pursuing transformation in all three dimensions, because we believe all of life stems from healthy relationship. With this transformation will come healing to the hearts, minds and bodies of people.


Turning Hearts Ministries International, founded by Mark and Melissa DeJesus, exists to see the heart of Father God revealed to mankind, turning hearts towards loving and intimate relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Our desire is to equip people to experience dynamic personal transformation.

We are called to spread this work through written, audio and video resources, courses, as well as personal training and consultations.

Our vision is to see the body of Christ equipped to live healthy and whole with God, themselves and others.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to follow after the ministry that Jesus left for the church to do: reveal the love of God in healing the broken heart, nurturing true identity in Christ, overcoming obstacles to abundant and healthy living, and activating effective Kingdom work.

Mark and Melissa

Mark and Melissa DeJesus were born and raised in New England, but have felt a call to carry the message of heart transformation to the world through the development of media content and dynamic teaching and training. Together, they are involved in ministering, teaching, and equipping people to experience transformation in all areas of their life.

Mark has been involved in full time ministry since 1995 in various roles, including pastor and worship leader. He now serves full time as a teacher, author, podcast show host and transformational consultant.

In 2006, Mark and Melissa founded Turning Hearts Ministries; a ministry focused on inside out transformation, which involves healing broken hearts, dismantling limitations that keep people from their divine potential and empowering people in their identity.

Both Mark and Melissa have experienced tremendous personal transformation and healing. They minister from their own journey of freedom, where God began to show them areas of the heart that needed to be healed and how to walk the overcoming life.